Twin Lakes Resort

  Est. 1923


The TLR Fish Fund has been created to help us, Twin Lakes Resort, keep Twin Lakes and Robsinson Creek stocked.  We understand that while fishing may not be the only thing people do in the area, its a huge part of the traditions that many of us share while being here in Bridgeport.

With the decrease in stocking by DFW, Twin Lakes Resort has been dedicated to fish stocking and raising trout here on Lower Twin.  Over the past 4 years, since purchasing the resort, we have done a huge amount of stocking and cage culture here on Lower Twin.  We are looking to expand that operation into raising fish here on site and also growing our stocking and cage culture programs.  This operation will grow in different phases, starting with growing the cage culture and stocking program while we get our fish raising operation set up.

Raising fish here on Lower Twin is not a new operation.  Its something that has been done by Twin Lakes Resort for a long time now.  We already have all of the equipment to start, we are just going through the process to set everything up before we move forward.

2018 is the 4th season that we have personally done cage culture and it has proven to be a fabulous program for the Lower Lake.  We are seeing 1/2lb-1lb size trout coming out all year round and a large amount of Trophy size (4lb+) trout being caught also.  We are very confident this is due to our efforts to keep the lake stocked.

What about Browns?  Many people ask what is being done to protect the Brown population here in the Twins and will we be raising browns.  While we wont be raising or stocking browns at this time, we are in discussions with Department of Fish and Wildlife and many others to work together to work together to keep Twin Lakes as the well known Fishery for Brown Trout here in California.  We also encourage people to Catch & release Browns when ever possible.

How can you help?  Every year on the last weekend in July we have our annual fund raiser, Fish Fest.  This tournament not only offers a $1,000 grand prize to the largest fish, but it also helps us raise money to grow our fish planting operation.  100% of the money raised goes directly to stocking fish!  During this time we ask for donations to help us raise money by way of raffle prizes, auction prizes and monetary donations.  You can also drop a donation in one of our Fish Fund donation boxes located in our general store and in our boat house.  You can also contact us my email or mail. or PO Box 68, Bridgeport, California.

We appreciate you taking the time to learn about the TLR Fish Fund and we look forward to working with you to keep the local waters stocked!

2019 Fish Fest Dates are August 2nd & 3rd